Through manufacturing stainless steel casting products

The company's origin is back to 1917, when the founder began manufacturing household goods and casting agricultural equipment.

We have further improved the value of our casting products by working with more types of metals and steels, such as heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and abrasion resistant steels.

We also put good efforts in engineering Pattern Making to fill the requirement of reducing  the weight of cast by making it thinner.

We also have machining facilities for finished products.

Our wish is to convey the excellence of molding and the joy of craftsmanship worldwide, while remaining committed to the traditional industry of local Chikuzen.

To the next 100 years

Enomoto Co., Ltd. as a technical group of stainless steel molding, has been providing high-quality molding products in a wide range of fields such as Power Generation, Environmental Industry, Chemical Industry, Mechanical Industory and Transportation. We have developed special skills over the years.

Company Information

Company Name Enomoto Co.,Ltd.
Address 1-31 Futamatase Higashi-ku Fukuoka city Fukuoka 812-0066 Japan
Tel 092-621-4416
Fax 092-621-4417
Initial Capital 10,000,000 yen
CEO Enomoto Nobuyuki
Capability Stainless steel Castings ・Special steel castings・ Non-ferrous alloy castings・ FC・ FCD・ Pattern Making ・Machinig

100-year History of Enomoto

1917 July
The founder Enomoto Shinjiro established a molding factory in Zushi-machi in Fukuoka city and started manufacturing hardware.
1931 August
Relocated the factory to Minoshima Higashi Honmachi in the same city for business expansion and started manufacturing mainly agricultural equipment moldings.
1937 June
Full relocation to Futamatase in the same city.
1960 January
Enomoto Chuzosho Ltd. was established with capital of 1.5 million yen.
Enomoto Sozaburo was appointed as CEO.
Acquired the technology of manufacturing ductile cast iron and started manufacturing moldings for general industrial machines.
1973 August
In accordance with the First Structural Improvement Plan for Pig Iron Casting conducted by MITI, we established a factory in Inatsuki-machi Kaho-gun to expand the business and started the operations.
1974 January
Reorganized as a joint-stock company and capitalized 7 million yen.
1977 September
Non-Ferrous Alloy department was established at Inatsuki Plant and started the operations.
1981 December
We installed a High-Frequency Induction Furnace at Fukuoka Plant and started the production of stainless-steel moldings.
1989 December
Changed the trade name to Enomoto Co. Ltd., on the occasion of the rebuilding of Fukuoka Plant.
1995 January
Established Yu Co. Ltd., as a landscape sector.
1996 June
Nobuyuki Enomoto was inaugurated as CEO. The scheme to be "21st. century enterprise" was launched.
1999 June
Re-organized Inatsuki Plant, including the installation of additional equipment on the occasion of a change of production line.
Introduced a labor-saving grinder robot for finishing.
2001 March
China office opened. Started sourcing materials from Asia.
2003 March
Established Shanghai ENON, a 100% wholly owned factory, in Qingpu Industrial Zone, Shanghai.
2003 October
Started manufacturing wooden moldings at Shanghai ENON Plant.
2004 November
Shanghai ENON plant started full operation of the stainless-steel molding.
2006 July
Introduced machining equipment at Shanghai ENON plant and established the integrated production system.
2009 October
Shanghai ENON plant acquired ISO 9001, ISO 14001 certification.
2009 December
Head office plant in Fukuoka acquired ISO 9001 certification.
2012 August
Completion of new building at Shanghai ENON
2017 March
Inatuki Plant No. 2 is completed and an automated warehouse is introduced.
2020 August
Inatukuri Plant Roof Raising and Large-Scale Renovation
2024 May
Installed a self-consumption solar power generation system at the Inatuki Plant.